Tuesday 8th January 2013

Ocellot takes from Animal Collective much in the same way that other groups like Ducktails have. They’ve handpicked and incorporated particular elements so as to achieve a certain aesthetic which ranges from John Cale’s viola, Godz, and Tyrannosaurus Rex to LauNau and Woods. What makes them stand apart from these New Jersey natives is that what Ocellot delivers is by no stretch of the imagination “nerd music”. Their choices of musical references are purely intuitive and innocent. So in a sense, Ocellot greatly reminds me of Música Dispersa in that they found themselves drawing from the work of The Incredible String Band while not solely relying upon influences from across the ocean.

It’s an entertaining creative process where things are made up as they come along. To get a better understanding of who Ocellot are, imagine you’re spending a free afternoon in the mountains (not a rhetorical analogy as the band spends half of the year there) and Marc says to Elaine “You remember that one song?” and Elaine subsequently begins to hum it. Marc, deciding to not automatically find the record, picks up a guitar and begins humming along as well. By the time the afternoon is through, the two of them can’t help but laugh at the fact that their final product, in no way, shape or form, resembles what they were organically after. This relationship to music is such that every reinvention comes off as pleasing and fresh.

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