October Dance


Monday 7th January 2013

The first two singles from October Dance (DK) is out now. The music is made in collaboration with Austrian visual artist Hans Tolford (AUS).

Hans Tolford formed October Dance in the spring of 2012. At that time he was trying to pursue new artistic ways and therefore had embarked upon an ambitious new system of musical notation. He got in contact with three musicians from Copenhagen, Denmark to interpret the notations. The interpretations by October Dance have turned into an EP which is released this winter.

October Dance and Hans Tolford have continued their artistic collaboration and are still working closely together. The band interprets from the Tolfordian universe and finds the constant flow of abstract score music flowing from Hans Tolford as an inexhaustible reservoir of inspiration that helps to explore the undiscovered musical landscapes.

The Tolfordian sound has many references to the European art scene in the 1980s - such as the Switch group “Yello”.

October Dance EP will be released later this year. Full-length album is due to be released summer of 2013.

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