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Catchy Brit Pop enamored choruses

Friday 8th May 2015

It was at Cardiff in 2011, away from the heat of the Island of Beauty that Theos became enamored of the "Brit Pop" and its catchy choruses. At the turn of Faster Studio - Studio Manic Street Preachers - he captured the codes of pop while he records his bass lines for The Dirt. Back in France is marked by the birth of the project Press OK, built on the love of Anglo-Saxon culture and driven by the need to exorcise some evil. Since then Press OK led an exciting journey with the release of their first EP "We Killed The Disco" in 2012, a long tour between 2012 and 2014, some scenes in good company especially alongside Skip The Use and Wave Machines.

Between pop, rock and electro, Press OK develops a hybrid sound, sometimes warm, sometimes cold, but always with strong choruses and recalling the likes of MGMT, Coldplay or M83. On stage, the group consists of Theos (Matthew Garcia) on lead vocals and bass, Luz (Jacques Loucel) on keyboards and vocals, against Peter Tan on drums, machines and choirs and Eddy Pradelles on guitar. With their technique, their desire to evolve and share their second disc, the Play single, is released in April , 2015, the beginnings of an album coming in October, 2015.

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