Old Man Diode & Rick Holland - The King Krill


Tuesday 5th March 2013

We were lucky enough to be introduced to Old Man Diode & Rick Holland, after a follow up from Brian Eno's releases on Warp - featuring the lyrics of poet, Rick Holland. "Open Blue" remains one our favourite experimental, electronic new music releases of the last 18 months. We're not alone in liking it, Clash described it as a "A thing of beauty and menace", and new music guru Tom Robinson recently added it to his Radio 6 playlist too.

"The King Krill", the debut album embodying the collaborative fruits of labour from artists including Beth Rowley, Chris James (Ninja Tune), Onallee (Roni Size), and new dancehall talent IamFYA, is due for release March 26th. It's terrifyingly beautiful, containing noises and juxtapositions of sounds and beats that your ears simply won't have experienced before, perhaps best described by the poet's own words:

"This marks the death of the recorded album. The machines have taken us so far. Live sound peeps through the pock marks as we create over broken rhythm. Voices have become aware of their own transience. Polished is no longer the point. We thrive in our independent cells and yearn still for an ecstasy of community that destroys our lonely game of acquisition. Machine glitters and choirs emerge, written bold on the ether."

You can sample and download a superb remix of "Open Blue: below:

For more information about this exciting pan-genre project, go to oldmandiode.com


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