Orange Vision

Reverb drenched melody from Oxford

Monday 10th August 2015

Orange Vision are a four-piece from Oxford who play a delightful blend of post punk, glam and shoegaze, produce reverb drenched, melodic pop anthems with a new wave edge.

Formed two years ago when Ed and Matthew bonded over a love of clothes, music and a generally delinquent approach to their depressing surroundings and sapped music scene, they were later joined by Daniel and Jake. The band became a primary focus, and what started as a driving growling rock and roll sneer has blossomed into a post punk psychedelic new wave dream.

Their most recent releases, 'Dark Around the Eyes' and 'Wish You Were Orange', highlight the bands unique ability to combine nostalgia with a contemporary sound, invoking both the sound of The Cure, New Order, Pulp and Kula Shaker with the more modern sound of Palma Violets, The Horrors and Temples. The sound of guitar-led, British underground, Orange Vision are a refreshing gem of innovative song craftsmanship, enlightened composition and performance finesse.

Consisting of frontman, Edmund Quigley, lead guitarist, Matthew Halford, bassist Daniel Jones and drummer, Jacob Mott, the band supported Superfood and Honeyblood on the NME New Breed Tour.

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