Orbit Stern


Tuesday 30th September 2014

Orbit Stern a.k.a. swedish guitarplayer Samuel Hällkvist and danish drummer Frederik Hauch, met each other at a new years party. They discovered at common affection for country and roots music, and soon after began recording songsketches in a low‐key drum/guitar duo format. Old analog keyboards and drummachines found their way into the music and became a part of the sound that characterizes Orbit Stern today : a sonic bastard in which synthetic and acoustic sounds melt together with electronic drumsounds, guitar and percussion and becomes a soundtrack for the inner eye.

Orbit Stern just returned from at tour in Japan november 2013, and has also caught attention in the US, where music critic Saby Reyes Kulkarni, host on the podcast Feedback Deficiency writes : ”… Orbit Stern stands out as its own singularly exotic flavor, a shining light in a constellation of shining lights all coming up with new ways to break down musical boundaries. “

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