Oso Leone


Wednesday 4th September 2013

An ode to eloquence and refinement: With its lucid structure and spotless sound, Mokragora speaks about equilibrium and harmony. About the fabulous reconciliation of the organic with the synthetic and the dynamic balance of opposites. This is a supreme blend of the mellow power of the most melodic rock & roll with the exploration of the cutting edge of electronic music. From beginning to end, Mokragora is a perfectly composed, brilliantly evocative auditory massage. Its like a sequence of doors opening up to a magic world of undeniable reality. A world that speaks from the depths of the oceans and the eternity of the mountains.


From the first breaths of Ficus as it rises and falls, gently like the waves, to the deep and reflexive Sanseviera that lowers the curtains like the credits of a movie, each and every track is a jewel that shines in a light of its own... The trance of Alçaria, the explosion that never occurs in Cactus, the transmutation of Salvia, the peace in the war of Clivia and Monstera, the colosal Ebow which screams like a whale. They are all invitations to lift the veil that hides a secret world of breathtaking beauty. A beauty that Oso Leone strives to offer in small doses: short round tracks that satiate without saturating and will always keep you coming back for more. It is the authenticity and commitment that truly set this band apart.

Authenticity understood as loyalty. The loyalty of the artist who believes in himself and aspires only to establish himself in his uniqueness. The young band has reached artistic maturity through perseverance and introspection. They have remained uncompromised despite the bombardment of impressions and external pressures of our times. They have remained loyal to their essence and they have given birth to a new and unique sound of their own. A sound that sounds like no other: the sound of Oso Leone.

The commitment, on the other hand, is what they show in each of their awesome performances. Whether they are playing for audiences of thousands in Spain's most emblematic clubs or under a full moon in one of the magical lost coves of their beloved Mallorca, Oso Leone always delivers outstanding musical experiences. There are very few bands that thrive to such a degree on the spontaneity of a live performance. Their passion, their finesse and above all the magical connection they establish with the audience makes each of their concerts a truly astonishing experience. 

Oso Leone is a first-of-a-kind in Spain and without doubt one of Europe's most promising young bands. Listen out!

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