Paddy & Liam

Perry Ogden's portraits of two Irish brothers

Tuesday 29th May 2018

Dublin based photographer Perry Ogden has created a unique and captivating glimpse into the lives of two young men in his new book 'Paddy & Liam'. 

"Paddy and Liam Doran are two young Irish Traveller boys who live with their family in a council house just outside Dublin. I have always been interested in Traveller culture and started photographing them a number of years ago. Later, I thought these images would make a very interesting book documenting that period of time from age 10 - 16, which is such a transformative period in your life, a time when you are making discoveries and developing passions. I also wanted to reflect on the Ireland they were born into and the Ireland in which they are becoming adults." - Perry Ogden

Styled by Tara St. Hill, the images show the brothers with their peers, their dogs and horses in the Irish countryside where they live. The stunning photos are juxtaposed with the brothers' own words providing additional context and commentary to the viewer.

“We been hunting now for six or seven years. We go anywhere where there’s rabbits. Every night we go out we come back with at least three or four. Sometimes when the dog gets very tired I put a collar on Liam.” - Paddy Doran

Perry Ogden' first book 'Pony Kids' was published in 1999 and was followed in 2001 by '7 Reece Mews' which documented the interior of Francis Bacon’s studio in a series of images. His first feature film 'Pavee Lackeen (The Traveller Girl)' was released in 2005. 'Paddy & Liam' is published by IDEA who have been described by Vogue as "the coolest publisher in the world".

A highly sought after publication, Paddy & Liam sold out quickly upon release, but you can find out more about IDEA at and read more about 'Paddy & Liam' by Perry Ogden here.

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