Parks To Headline Stealth Vs Rescued 17th Dec


Thursday 15th December 2011

Looks like our favourite Nottingham band are moving up in the world. You may remember a little post on an up and coming band called Parks a couple of months ago. If you do, then you know we implore the stylings of these chaps very much so. Due to our growing love, we thought it sensible to inform all those similar out there that they are to headline their first gig. Exciting stuff!

For years now, Stealth and  Rescue Rooms have dominated (aside from the infamous Rock City of course) the Nottingham music scene. Always contending for numbers, people are torn between the two. Do they pick the warm and comfortable ambience of a newly revamped Rescue Rooms, or do they go for the raucous late night gravely ravey atmosphere of Stealth? Well, choose no more, because those clever cloggs over at head office have had something of an epiphany. "How about we combine an evening, once a month, then people wouldn't have to um and ar anymore?" And by gum they did it, and what a good idea!

So, back to the point in hand. Only playing a handful of gigs in their so far short career, but with maximum gusto and skill, they have been approached to headline this unique event. After wowing us at rescue Rooms a short while ago, they are about to wow a whole lot more people and hopefully secure their route to bigger and better things. So, if you are in the Nottingham area, make sure you get yourself to this gig! Their ability to captivate is unquestionable, and after just one song from these lads, you will be hooked. Not only that, but you have the option to roam around the two venues, sampling the very best in Dance, Indie and a broad eclectic range of styles.

Playing this Saturday 17th of Merry December, it's Nottinghams's finest, Parks!

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