Paul Weller - "Sonik Kicks"


Monday 27th February 2012

Paul Weller is back, with his eleventh solo studio album, and much like number ten, 2010's acclaimed and Mercury nominated "Wake Up the Nation", "Sonik Kicks" (released 19 March 2012) looks set to be another innovative, reinvention of the Weller sound, featuring appearances from Noel Gallagher and Graham Coxon. Out now, the first single to be taken from the album is "That Dangerous Age" (see video below) for which the great modernist seems to be drawing on a slightly more transistor based, psychedelic seam of influences, to produce a truly tantalizing track.

Sounding, at points, almost like an undiscovered collaboration between Weller and Bowie, the track retains the essential Paul Weller elements, fans will demand, but, somehow paints from a different palette, as if referencing the same period, from a different perspective. Some nice little touches reinforce this hypothesis. In the video, Weller appears to be playing a Danelectro Pro, which, as guitar nerds will know, is/was a relatively humble, affordable instrument, but which nonetheless sports modernist looks like no other, with its squarish angularity and 'lipstick pickups' - an object of the post-valve, pre-microchip - transistor age. The video's colouring offers a sort of Betamax textured, fluorescent tube induced hallucinatory set of hues, whilst its simple split screen format allows for some cheeky glimpses of a showgirl. This refreshing retro-futuristic styling can be seen and heard on Paul Weller's current site too with an animation set to, what appears to be the album opener, "Green", resembling a chronologically impossible computer graphics experiment from the Bauhaus. The track itself ("Green") is an excitable, thumping feast of reverse delay, mod psychedelia on the cusp of glam. The third hint at "Sonik Kicks'" style and content is "Around The Lake" (see below), which was made public in November last year. Again a pounding simplistic bass line suggests that this album won't pull its punches. If the three tracks we have heard are anything to go by then we can't wait to hear the other eleven. Full track listing of "Sonik Kicks" is as follows: Green The Attic Kling I Klang Sleep of The Serene By The Waters That Dangerous Age Study In Blue Dragonfly When Your Garden's Overgrown Around The Lake Twilight Drifters Paperchase Be Happy Children For more info go to Pre-order exclusive signed copies from here


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