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Wednesday 20th February 2013

Peace are a delightful indie-rock quartet from Birmingham, consisting of brothers Harrison and Samuel Koisser, Douglas Castle and Dominic Boyce. Their debut album, 'In Love' is out 25th March 2012, which has been long-anticipated with the band having released a string of successful singles and have been working hard at getting to where they are today. This hard work, coupled with their exceptional songwriting abilities and unique style, has certainly paid off, as the band have just played a string of shows at the music industry attended festival SXSW, and there is nothing but hungry anticipation for the release of debut album 'In Love' In May the band will play four shows at the small venue Birthdays in Dalston, rather than one big london show, and these are all already sold out. Having also just completed a tour on the NME Awards shows, Harrison found time to answer a few questions:

How did you all meet; is there a story behind your beginnings as a band or the name?

Me & Sam were brothers. Dom & Doug were friends. I met Dom just before college & we shared some really similar musical interests. Eventually everything drifted together and we started Peace. The name was just so..."us". It just made perfect sense.  

With a name like PEACE it's fair to assume you have some hippy roots, what do you all think of Bono and other musician activists?

Assuming anything is dangerous in this world but TBF you've got a point. We're all four very easy going & peaceful individuals. Bono, legend? I don't even know anymore.  

The Birmingham scene is receiving a lot of attention right now with bands such as you and Swim Deep breaking out over the last year, are there any other bands from your home town you recommend we check out?

Superfood are my fav. We're taking them on tour. 

You guys have gained a slight notoriety for your live shows and house gigs, what’s your most memorable show and why?

I always remember playing the Rainbow warehouse on Boxing Day. I hadn't written any lyrics for it but we played 'Bloodshake' for the first time. It was really cold. 

The venues you are playing now are only going to get bigger, do you prefer the intimacy of smaller venues or do you like how your music sounds in bigger rooms?

I like how it sounds in bigger rooms but there's something magical about the smaller intimate venues. I guess that's why we're doing four shows at Birthdays in Dalston on our next tour rather than a big London show. 

You are currently on the NME Awards Tour with 3 other bands (Django Django, Miles Kane & Palma Violets). Is everybody getting along and enjoying the experience?

Yeah everyone's having a great time. I think It'd be hard for us not to get along.  

Your album 'In Love' is out next month, is there anything you'd like to tell us about it?

I think it has some good songs on. It's quite honest and straight forward but still really "us".

If you could have any artist, dead or alive, cover you, who would it be?


Peace have recently unveiled this new video for "Follow Baby"


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