Pete Mckee's Saturday Night Selection Spotify Playlist


Tuesday 4th November 2014

In honour of artist Pete McKee's ‘Thud Crackle Pop’ exhibition which goes on tour around the UK taking in Harrogate, Manchester and Sheffield, after a successful stint in London in May, and in reverence of this wonderful painting by Pete titled ('Mods and Sods'), which like the exhibition celebrates all things vinyl, we asked Pete to make us a Spotify Playlist. Pete kindly agreed giving us his Saturday Night Selection.

"You've just had a shower it's Saturday night and you are about to get ready to go out.

The Fred Perry is crisply ironed and smells fresh as a summers day, the stay press have a crease that can cut cheese and your oxblood tasselled loafers have been polished to within an inch of their lives, all you need to do now is press play and get ready for the best night of your life just like the week before and as far as you are concerned every weekend to come."

Thud, Crackle, Pop will appear at the following venues:
Harrogate - Red House Originals - November 7 - 8th 
Manchester - Kosmonaut -  November 14 - 15th
Sheffield - a Month of Sundays - November 22 - 24th December

Each location on the tour will be transformed into a record shop with original pieces, LP prints and special one-off editions added to the mix, making each exhibition unique. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to browse the art as they would 'digging' through the racks of their favourite record store.

In the interest of impartiality, for the rockers, here is a link to Pete's 'Full Metal Jacket' 

For more information about the exhibition go to


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