Monday 13th January 2014

Pedro Pina, better known simply as Pina, is a music producer from El Prat del Llobregat, Barcelona, who mixes improvisation and the search of intentional error as a main driver for his creativity.

Abusing from all kinds of technology, and with a new industrial sound mixing techno and IDM, Pinaʼs composition process start with random adjustments to his machines that carries with the main part of the action. Human factor only appears when itʼs time to decide if the end results are good enough, using a wide range of devices as an active part of the creative process. The final result, remind us of artists such as Kangding Ray and Byetone, with a minimalist and repetitive results, recycling all existing music styles.

ʻHumʼ is Pinaʼs third album, released by Barcelona record label Lapsus in June 2013, after the well reputed first two albums B/N (2008) and Onda Corta (2011) acclaimed by the critics ʻHumʼ is the last exploration of Pina in new territories, increasing the BPMs, and giving more relevance to evolving textures and drones, always showing a constant evolution and getting closer to club sounds.

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