PLV Havoc


Tuesday 8th January 2013

Penny Lancaster” ( Insamuel/Warner Music Spain, 2011) is the second album by a singer songwriter named PLV Havoc. The first single "Penny Lancaster" has been considered by some critics as one of the best songs of 2011 in Spain (El Giradiscos). ʻPenny Lancasterʼ is a song that mixes folk and indie sounds matching in perfect harmony. He became one the 2009 breakthrough artist with his first album "The Shape of your heart" and now he confirms the best expectation with his second album "Penny Lancaster"

PLV havoc has been touring all around Spain and he´s been seen twice in one of the most significants Summer festivals (Sonorama 2011). Pedro Gracia Pérez de Viñaspre (his real name) firms a melancholic and romantic (but furius in a quiet way) record: new and old at the same time, modern and old fashioned music that also flirts with indie beats. His very special, touching and emotional voice lead us to magic and misterious places where only Havoc´s imagination has been. The echoes of Wilco, Cat Stevens, Midlake, Ryan Adams, James Taylor or even Elliott Smith are floating in the turbulent atmosphere always under Havoc´s spell.



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