Polica 'Shulamith'


Monday 11th November 2013

Scribbled on hotel stationery from the 35th floor of the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, are the lyrics to post-dubstep band Polica's single, 'Vegas' - one of the highlights of recently released second album; 'Shulamith'

Just weeks after their debut album 'Give you the Ghost', was completed in 2012, vocalist Channy Leaneargh started jotting down ideas for the next project. Incidentally, during that very year, Canadian radical feminist Shulamith Firestone passed away in her New York apartment. Firestone played an influential figure in the themes dominating the album, which is named in her honour. 

As the subject matter revolves around love, loneliness, violence, social norms and the realities of being a woman, the band stays true to its synth-rock-quintet style, but features a faster, more upbeat rhythm with some laid-back radical slow jams mixed in. Along with Leaneargh's manipulated enchanting vocals, synthesized components, and dynamic drums, the album is full of excitement and energy.

Kick-starting the album is 'Chain my Name', a fast-paced lively song questioning longevity and the challenges surrounding love. In 'Very Cruel', inspired by Eva Cassidy’s song The Tall Trees in Georgia – the adult Leaneargh is speaking to the younger version of herself, and 'Trippin Down' takes a snapshot of the band at the time of the song’s creation.  

The video for ‘Warrior Lord’ was unveiled recently as a stunning visual account of two girls swimming in a lake, with directors Isaac Gale and David Jensen have created a beautiful and entrancing dreamworld.

Ryan Olson and Channy Leaneagh founded Polica, which experiments with a myriad of vocal effects rooted in synthpop and R&B sound, in 2011. During this time, Mike Noyce – also known as Bon Iver – made a guest appearance. This time, featured on 'Shulamith', is Bon Iver’s founder Justin Verson as he joins the band in a duet for the single 'Tiff'. 'Tiff' was released earlier this year as the album’s lead single.

To promote the album, the Minnesota band broadcasted the new record from the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. via a live video webcast on Nov.6.

Physical orders of Shulamith contain a digital download of the album, and an exclusive copy can be purchased with a 32-page book containing lyrics, handwritten notes, and a closer look into the world of Polica. Order from the Polica website here.


Miriam Ostermann


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