Tuesday 30th September 2014

Immediately after forming in 2012, PORTLAND put out its first track, “You Don’t Know Me”, which quickly totaled over a million views on Youtube – much to the surprise of the young band that had sidestepped the usual channels of radio and were still a very local phenomenon. Yet PORTLAND has the potential for a much wider appeal with its enthusiastic electropop and intriguing lyrics delivered in the French-American lead singer’s warm voice. Is this an expression of artistic revolt? Yes, if the weapons are replaced by upbeat melodies, slogans by catchy choruses and restless crowds by a dancing audience. “Portland is the only place on earth where artists still believe that music can change the world,” claims the band.

Last September their excellent single “Deezy Daisy” came out on Kitsuné and made it into the iTunes top 10 while remixes by Oliver Nelson and Oxford once more cumulated over 1 million views on Soundcloud and Youtube. 


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