Post War Glamour Girls


Monday 1st October 2012

Leeds based Post War Glamour Girls write songs that brood, bruise and blaze, recalling everything from the taut, chiming drama of fellow townsfolk Wild Beasts, to Nick Cave at his most visceral whilst hanging on by a thread with all the volatile see-sawing of the Pixies at their most manic. At the same time, they remain absolutely singular.

Within a year of playing their first gig at a house party in January 2011, The four glamour girls had released their debut single 'Spitting Pearls' on Leeds' brightest independent label Sturdy Records, gaining press plaudits far and wide. Summer 2012 finds Post War Glamour Girls about to release their first EP 'Tragic Loss; He Had Such a Lovely House' - an ambitious 4-part song cycle that well and truly delivers on the promise shown by the morsels they've tossed our way so far. Self-recorded with borrowed gear in a freezing warehouse by the railway tracks in Leeds over several bleak December weeks, the record's songwriting and sonic attributes are a true indicator of the band's relentless work ethic and desire for complete creative control.


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