Thursday 4th July 2013

Postiljonen is a dream pop trio deriving from Scandinavia. The band emerged quietly back in September 2011 and is composed of Norwegian vocalist Mia Bøe alongside Swedish multi-instrumentalists Daniel Sjörs and Joel Nyström Holm. After releasing a handful of online only singles in their native Scandinavia (including the heartbreaking interpretation of whitney houston’s classic ‘How Will I Know’, renamed here to ‘All That We Had Is Lost’) the trio have managed to create a highly characteristic sound, where ethereal and alluring vocals are interwoven in a mystical, ambient, dreamy and lovable expression. They have been compared to the likes of m83, air france, sigur ros, jj and cocteau twinsTaking inspiration from old black and white movies, the golden 80s, Balearic scenery, sleepless summer nights and describe themselves as nostalgic daydreamers, all of which mirrors beautifully within Skyer’s 10 songs.

Featuring recent single ‘Supreme’ and the forthcoming ‘Atlantis’, Skyer is summery pop music at its best; made for lazy days and dreamy nights.

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