Pulled Apart By Horses - "Wolf Hand"


Thursday 5th April 2012

Pulled Apart By Horses' current album, "Tough Love" was described by Q as "the most exciting British rock album in years", which, although accurate, is a somewhat unimaginative description for what may be one of the most formidable rock orientated acts to enter the field in recent years. There is something raw, refreshingly irreverent and distinctively British about their work, that many will find unsettling, but wonderfully unsettling and long overdue! Watch the video for their next single "Wolf Hand" (out 23rd April) below.

The follow up to the wonderfully Brit-metallic single "V.E.N.O.M", "Wolf Hand" is a more Nevermindish concoction, and the video shows the guys getting up to some back yard Jackassery, reflecting the songs subject matter. According to the band "Wolf Hand" is "our very own piercing tale of forgetting about aging and staying forever young,...". Is it 'post-hardcore rock'? Is it the beginning of a true new wave of British Metal, to put some iron back into our youth's daily diet? One thing's for certain, with Pulled Apart By Horses it's going to be fun finding out. If your appetite is whetted, then you can 'borrow' the album for seven days, from the band's Facebook page, and with a reputation for being one of the most exciting live bands currently performing, we're very happy that they will be playing all three dates at this year's Dot to Dot Festival, stopping in at Bristol, Nottingham and Manchester, amongst their already packed festival schedule. We can hardly wait!


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