Wednesday 25th February 2015

'Poetic justice' is the title of the fourth album by Pumuky, its long-awaited new long lasting. A disc which, faithful to its tradition, back to reinvent itself, giving the collection of songs more beautiful and compact in his career. A job without cracks, spontaneous in its conception, which began to take shape in his Mexican tour of 2014, but thorough in the production process, where he replaced batteries with drum machines and gives even more prominence to synthesizers and electric guitars that on previous discs. Ten themes where again highlight a few sublime texts; essential songs separately, but which together comprise the more addictive album of his career. For all this and below have, "Poetic justice" is more than just the heading of a large disc, is the well-earned Reward perseverance and the risk taken, certainly at the height of the increasingly elongated shadow of Pumuky.

Probably the wait from that magnificent "Plus ultra" (Javelin 2011), until the arrival of "Poetic justice", have been too extensive. The single for the collection DEDICATESSEN (Javelin 2013), far from alleviating the road, got increasing impatience. However, the delay was worth it. If every work of the natives of Icod de los Vinos (Tenerife) is a guarantee of strong emotions, "Poetic justice" exceeds all expectations placed on it. To begin with, as often happens with almost every work project led by Jaír Ramírez, "Poetic justice" marks a new reform of the group, which has returned to its base in the Canary Islands. Always well seconded by her brother Noah, for the recording of the single "Pumuky and the eternal feminine" (DEDICATESSEN, Javelin 2013) joined the Adán Zeus and Daniel Benavides, completing the formation to the present day. The same one that later left for Mexico to make an intense trip that returned with drummer again vacant square. It was then when they plan to undertake the preparation of this new album to adapt to new circumstances, deciding to replace batteries by Goldsmith electronics as already overtook in the preamble, but still sounding more organic than ever. The result, 10 songs that pop's double-edged so characteristic in Pumuky, catchy but with edges, this time even coated between more nooks and crannies and turns than ever, perhaps something more inaccessible in a first approach, but very rewarding in following listeners, that will not be discover exciting details at all times.

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