Friday 25th July 2014

East Texan party band Purple recently released their debut UK single 'Wallflower' and we're expecting a whole lot of great things to follow from these raucous, hedonistic rockers.

'Wallflower' is a riotous, uplifting pop-rock anthem, which has frontwoman Hannah Brewer drumming at a crazy party, while a girl aggressively pursues an admirer through the carnage brought about through this party. 

With definite shades of Bikini Kill and No Doubt it’s a one of the finest femme-punk anthems heard in a while. 

Purple grew up in an east Texas oil town where they claim there was nothing to do other than make music. While some of their friends ended up in the refineries, Purple chose rock’n’roll as their escape. 

Having met playing in other bands in the area, the Purple trio, comprised of Bewer, Taylor Busby on guitar and Taylor ‘Smitty’ Smith on bass, quickly bonded over a love of The Pixies, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, country, rap, reggae, beer, weed, the beach and a shared sense of adventure. Purple were born.

Purple live shows are said to be explosive, with crowd surfing and instrument trashing likely, somewhere between the wild, fleshy abandonment of early White Stripes. “We’re positive people,” shrugs Busby. “We’re always looking for the party somewhere. Or maybe we are the party.”

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