Wednesday 12th June 2013

Ensuring the international Punk Rock meme lives on into another generation, Radkey are brothers Dee Radke (Guitar/Vocals), Isaiah Radke (Bass/Vocals) and Solomon Radke (Drums) whose heavy riff savvy songs disguise the youth of their combined teenage years.

Home schooled in Missouri, mid-west America and driven from gig to gig by their father, successful live outings this year already include well received SXSW 2013 performances, with Radkey set to play their first UK shows in June, before the release of their debut limited vinyl release, the "Cat & Mouse" EP on 15th July.

With many, drawing well deserved and obvious comparisons to Danzig, The Misfits and The Ramones, Radkey also evoke echoes of British Punk spirit, managing to find room for elements of, The Damned, Buzzcocks and even The Clash (check out the cover for "Cat & Mouse" which looks as though it could belong to Casbah era Clash), in their new rendition of modern rock music.

Creating a real sense of urgency with fierce guitars and unrelenting drums and bass, their set-up also boasts two very capable, very different, new rock voices, with vocal duties being shared by Dee and Isaiah.

Radkey are sure to impress listeners on both sides of the Atlantic, this year and into the future.

"Radkey my new favourite band and will be yours too soon!"  - Zane Lowe

"They’re about to rival Pond as purveyors of the best riffs in modern rock." - NME

The “Cat & Mouse” EP (out 15th July) is limited to only 300 copies available on 12” collectable vinyl and is also released digitally.

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