Recall - Spirit Of The Sixties


Tuesday 10th January 2012

We have had a numerous amount of nostalgic gems posted in our "Tell Us Your Story" competition over the last few months, so much so that it has inspired student Nikki Dixon to create a piece that ties in perfectly with our ethos of great British music and fashion. Produced for her final year uni project, Nikki has collaborated with "Welcome Pariah", a band that clearly holds Fred Perry close to their hearts.

Feeling that there is no other brand that can truly represent the integral relationship between music and fashion, Nikki went about designing a music video to personify this unique connection. Set by the sea, the video follows "Welcome Pariah" frontman John Waghorn adorning iconic Perry attire as he performs tight riffs on his Paul Gibson and generally looking almighty sharp in fresh garments. It is an intelligent depiction of years of subcultures that have joined to form a global subculture we all know and recognise today. As Nikki states, there isn't much more you can say about this video as the work speaks for itself. We whole-heartedly agree, so without further ado, take yourself a butchers hook.


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