Tuesday 1st November 2011

Originally hailing from Nottinham, Ronika has already earned heavyweight comparisons with the likes of Prince, Tom Tom Club, Gwen Stefani and Madonna.

A multi-talented and multi-tasking singer, songwriter, bedroom-producer, remixer, DJ and video director, Ronika started out writing soul tunes inspired by Sly Stone on an acoustic guitar. She went to her first techno all-nighter at the age of 14, which led to a trainspotter love of disco and an obsession with programming beats. A chance googling of ‘Ronika’ found that there was a planet of the same name in Star Wars: a common exile for criminals in the Great Hyperspace War, Ronika was a colonial landscape, home to both stinger moths and ultraviolet levels of radiation. Back on earth, a pop star alias was born.

"Ronika has won extensive praise for her homespun mix of classic dance with crisp, modern pop... ...immaculate...the sort of effortlessly confident, natural pop sensibility that labels spend years and millions of pounds trying, in vein, to manufacture"

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