Roses Of Wallam - Best New Music


Friday 29th June 2012

Remember the time when Caleb from the Kings Of Leon still had the vocals of a clucking chicken? Unfortunately, the days of 'Youth and Young Manhood' are far behind us, only to be filled with stadium ballads appealing to the masses to make a pretty penny. The good news is however, that, buried in the Midlands, Derby to be precise, is a band who can fill the shoes of the aforementioned outfits former glory. Not meaning to compare, as, they are a different kettle of fish, but Roses Of Wallam are ready and waiting to fill the void that Kings sadly left behind. It's what we have all been waiting for in our reluctance to peer into nostalgia, and it has been, without reservation, entirely worth the wait.

Made up of Manchester born front man Matthew Taylor (vox), Joe Fields (lead guitar), Rob Latham-Jenkins (rhythm guitar) Ben Edwards (bass guitar), and Stu Revil (drums + vox), Roses of Wallam, for a band so new to the game, have the brooding disposition of bands in their, shall we say, formative years. Their latest E.P is a teaser of only three tracks, yet each punches hard with tightly wound vocals and guitar fuzz reminiscent of early Kasabian or even The Vines. What seems to be a clear defined sound, and potentially obvious direction is what draws you in to this intriguing five piece. What you do know is, for being so new to the game, they will be constantly evolving, striving for the unknown, and this is what will keep you hooked. Playing a string of dates in The Midlands, they are ones to definitely watch. Check their Facebook page for upcoming events. Check out their soundcloud and follow ? @rosesofwallam. It's about time we had some good Indie again!


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