Ruben & Ra


Thursday 13th October 2011

Ruben & Ra, a “Disco, Boogie & House” duo remaining unknown behind an image of a baby and a cat are back with another release on their imrprint ‘Retrospective Records’ with; ‘RETRO004.’ The A-side is dedicated to the golden era of stateside electro, with the topically named ‘Street Dance’ lifting samples from Break Machine’s East Coast anthem which bears the exact same name; ‘Street Dance.’ while ‘Moving On’ pays homage to the Californian soul of Ollie & Jerry’s iconic ‘There’s No Stoppin Us’ from ‘84. Each track is sonically suitable for it’s influences and provides a nice distraction to a menial day in the UK. Street Machine by Ruben & Ra The same can be said for the B-side’s ‘Do You Need My Love?’ and ‘Island Living’. As is common for a Retrospective EP, there’s a free download (‘Street Machine’) and ‘RETRO 004’ will be released on October 24th. Nick Otter.


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