Ruen Brothers


Wednesday 20th June 2018

Describe your style in three words?
Cinematic, melodic, emotive.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?
The Rolling Stones at Glastonbury. We performed on the same day as the Stones. It was surreal getting to perform at one of the world’s most prestigious festivals an hour or so apart from our favourite band of all time.

If you could be on the line up with any two bands in history?
Roy Orbison - because we are huge fans and he’s been such a big influence. Think it’d be cool to try and out shade him.
Willie Nelson - Would wanna have a play on ‘Trigger’ and sample some of his Reserve.

Which Subcultures have influenced you?
We tend to lean most towards Rockabilly, but there’s been a touch of influence from multiple other subcultures such as Mod and Punk. We grew up listening to artists such as Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, The Who, The Damned, Stiff Little Fingers and the Sex Pistols. It was an eclectic mix which definitely had some influence in our style of writing, performing and dress sense.

If you could spend an hour with anyone from history?
Henry: Quentin Tarantino, I’d love to talk to him about film and the music behind his films. He always has such amazing soundtracks.
Rupert: The Rat Pack. How cool would it be to knock back a whiskey and smoke a cigar with this bunch? The original leader was - believe it or not - Humphrey Bogart, I’d like to play him at chess.

Of all the venues you’ve played, which is your favourite?
Webster Hall, NYC - We were opening up for George Ezra back in 2015, and we were taken back by the history of the place and energy of the audience. It was a fantastic night, and we thoroughly enjoyed performing there.

Your greatest hero or heroine in music?
Henry: Mick Jagger. Massive respect to anyone who can last as long, remain as current and deliver such phenomenal stadium rock. Henry - Carole King. She has written some of the most beautiful songs in history.
Rupert: Glen Campbell. Fantastic guitar player and singer, and even kept gigging with Alzheimer’s. As Merle Haggard put it, if there was ever someone given too much talent, it was Glen Campbell. Jackie DeShannon. She was an incredible songwriter, an inspiration to all.

The Ruen Brothers are Scunthorpe siblings Henry and Rupert Stansall. Emerging in 2013 the band won fans young and old with their sound reminiscent of Roy Orbison and The Everly Brothers. The duo return in 2018 with new album 'All My Shades Of Blue' recorded in Los Angeles and produced by legendary Def Jam co-founder Rick Rubin. The album's all-star cast includes Chad Smith (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) on drums, Dave Keuning (The Killers) on strings and Ian McLagan (Faces/Small Faces) on keyboards. 

'All My Shades Of Blue' is released on 22nd June (2018)

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