Ryan Teague


Wednesday 3rd December 2014

Ryan Teague is a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Bristol. His music combines acoustic instrumentation and arrangements with electronic and processed material, often incorporating minimalist, ambient and electro-acoustic styles. Teague has released music on labels such as Village Green, Sonic Pieces and Type Records and has produced music and sound design for various film and TV productions. He has extensively studied Javanese Gamelan Music and spent an extended study period in Central Java, Indonesia.

‘Block Boundaries’, Teague’s fifth album, demonstrates a sonic and thematic shift towards a more focused and energised sound. Where previous material was often pastoral, ‘Block Boundaries’ moves boldly towards a more urban sound, all the time retaining Teague’s recognisable minimalist themes.

The influence of ‘the city’ is apparent throughout the album, reflected in the use of repetition, micro-rhythms, cascading loops and an augmented electronic palette. Ever-present is Teague’s ability to transform these elements into something captivating and emotive. The result is a diverse and ambitious album that reveals more on each listen.

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