Friday 13th July 2012

To coincide with the news of the EP’s release, SAF have released their first videos online in the form of studio versions of ‘Nailstorm’ and ‘Bam’ filmed at London’s famous RAK Studios.

The brother/sister duo of Marianne Elise and Eat Gas form SAF’s musical core, kneading their own pop and rock histories into one for the first time with this EP. Backed by the creative guidance of Archive’s Darius Keeler, this first EP demonstrates the group’s diversity with jaw-dropping aplomb.

Opener ‘Nailstorm’ goes from Elise’s lovelorn cries surrounding an R’n’B swirl into a Kills-style snarl of shredded guitars and pounding drums. The emphatically monikered ‘Don’t Fuckin’ Touch Me’ carries along SAF’s raucous line, offering as much of Shirley Manson’s Garbage heyday as any modern act could replicate. ‘Bam’s finds the siblings love of noisy garage rock well at home with it’s Britpop baiting slither, whilst closer ‘I Can’t’ finds a subdued ray of sunshine amongst the melee, with Elise’s vocals once again taking centre stage in their cracked, romanticised melodies.

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