Sans Parade


Tuesday 8th January 2013

In July 2009, singer/songwriter Markus Perttula played his guitar in a sunny yard in Turku, Finland. He was performing as a warm-up act for Finnish artist Eleanoora Rosenholm. Still, many in the audience came especially to hear Markus sing. One of these people was Jani Lehto, who had already received appraisal with his acts Déclassé and Star You Star Me. Jani was now seeking for a singer for his new project that aimed to capture and mix the delicacies of orchestral chamber pop with the extrovert confidence built from a fusion of acoustic indie and rock. Markus had his amazingly beautiful voice, some great songs and a name for the new band. On the next week they recorded their first songs. This is how Sans Parade came to be. Suddenly and without a warning.

They have already been making waves in critics circles based on the strength of an early artist-pressed advance listening.  Stylistically, Sans Parade is characterised by strong vocals, highly orchestral, lush instrumentation and swooning pop hooks... violins, cellos, brass section and some exotic acoustic instruments together with traditional synthesizers. Markus Perttula gives a soulful performance full of intuitive swells and fades, his phrasing and pronunciation making his voice a purely sonic instrument. The strength of this set is founded on the clarity of a musical vision that transcends styles to create something utterly enthralling from start to finish.

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