Saturday Night Gym Club


Monday 12th December 2011

Joining the musical dots between Manchester and Belfast, Saturday Night Gym Club are an Anglo-Irish grouping of dance floor storytellers. They deftly weave threads of organic pop brilliance into the fabric of bass-heavy dancefloor euphoria. Emerging from the dry ice, you hear irresistably catchy vocal melodies. Guitars chime blisfully and violins soar. A galaxy of assorted synths and drum machines create textures which are state-of-the-art, yet deeply resonant.

The material was self-produced in three different UK cities on an array of machines with hour upon hour spent on crawling trains, endless conference calls and too many emails. From all this pandemonium, something eloquent, unique and beautiful emerged. The new track ‘I know’ features the enchanting voice of singer-songwriter Ellie Walker. It sports analogue synth parts written on the Northwest tip of Ireland, with drums engineered on a flight into Edinburgh.

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