Schultz and Forever


Thursday 7th March 2013

Schultz and Forever is the alias of the 18 years old dane Jonathnan Schultz and his musical ”bedroom project”. Jonathan is living with his parents in a small village called Vallø. When he is not making music or playing concerts, Jonathan is a High School student.

In November 2011 he recorded his debut EP ”Odd Stories”, in his parents’ house in the forest of Vallø. Shortly after, Schultz and Forever was booked to play at Denmarks most important Showcase festival- Spot Festival 2012, where he played in front of a full concert hall. 300 people attended the concert. After the successful concert, the song ”Falling” from the EP, hit first place on Danish Radio P3 - ”Det Elektriske Baromter” chart.

Jonathan has been gifted with an intense and personal voice, a tuneful, folk-inspired grip of the strings and he has a brilliant sense of beautiful vocal harmonies. Schultz and Forever is playing concerts both alone and as a bigger band set up. When playing solo, Jonathan is spreading a really intense and curios feeling among the audience. Especially Jonathan’s unique nasal voice makes the audience listen carefully and concentrated. When Jonathan is bringing his band with him, he is capable of adding another dimension on top of the catchy melodies, while polyphonically choir gives the vocal harmonies an extra volume. To name some of Schultz and Forevers musical relatives, you could compare him to Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Tallest Man on Earth and Bob Dylan, but Jonathan himself claims to have R. Kelly as his biggest inspiration.

After his Spot Festival performance Schultz and Forever was quickly predicted a bright future by German magazines uMag, Rolling Stones, Nordic by Nature and Nothing But Hope And Passion and booked for Berlin Music Week. The talented 18-year-old Jonathan Schultz impressed every one of them. Furthermore, the two leading music magazines in Denmark, Gaffa and Soundvenue, both had Schultz and Forever on their annual list of bands that will have their major break in 2013: Gaffa’s ”De bliver store i 2013”(“They’ll grow big in 2013”) and Soudvenue’s ”Breaking Sound 2013”. In addition to that, Soundvenue made the new track ”Two Flowers” from the forthcoming EP ”Månedens top track”(“top track of December 2012”). ”Two Flowers” is taken from the forthcomming EP ”Céline”, which is being released on the 2nd of February on the French record label Cracki Records and is being distributed by Playground Music in Scandinavia.

Jonathan has a very intuitive approach to writing music and the song writing feels very natural to him. When an idea hits him, he has to write it down quickly. The drive to write songs is found in these impulsive inspirations from the young musicians’ life and surroundings.

He has a very personal approach to song writing and the honesty of his lyrics emphasizes this point. Jonathan feels a need to be honest with himself when writing songs; otherwise it would not make sense for him to write music. When he began on the follow-up EP, Jonathan wanted to do something totally different than recording in his own bedroom. He was eager to try another creation process and was trying to push his own limits.

That’s why he said ”yes please”, when the French record label Cracki Records invited him on an inspirational journey to Paris (watch videos from Paris, published by Gaffa), to play concerts, meet new people, and most important- write and record a new EP. On this journey Jonathan finished his new EP ”Céline”. The EP is out the 2nd of February.

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