Schwarz Don't Crack


Tuesday 21st January 2014

Soulful lyrics, deep bass and banging drum machines – the sound of Schwarz Dont Crack is inspired by a love for 90s R´n´B as well as a fascination for vibrant contemporary electronic music. With impressively growing live experience and a much anticipated release coming up this Berlin based duo is definitely one to watch. „Ginuwine meets James Blake meets Sonny Crockett. We combine Berlin style Electronica with a love for Timbaland beats and timeless soulful vocals.“ That's how Schwarz Dont Crack answer, if you ask them to describe their own music.

And while we’re talking about great new R´n´B releases (and we were, we were) this Berlin based duo can't be missed out. Schwarz Dont Crack’s music is truly inspired by a very pure and original R´n´B vibe, but given an edgy and modern twist. The songs dodge too much intellectualising in place of sensuality – airy lyrics flirting with deep, minimalistic yet melodic beats that almost force people to dance along – and that's precisely what Schwarz Dont Crack are aiming for.

The duo met in 2011 when singer/ songwriter Ahmad Larnes, a New York native, was in search for great beats to match his music. And in that directory of possibility Craigslist he found what he was looking for: the precise, but never overproduced beats of Sebastian Kreis, who had escaped the dullness of village life in Southern Germany to move to Berlin.

Bonding right away over their mutual love for nineties R’n’B and sharing a vision for that precise equation of words plus music, they immediately started working on their first track „Day By Day“ the same day they were introduced. Their debut show as Schwarz Dont Crack followed shortly after at Fete de la Musique in Kreuzberg. Having played over 20 gigs in Berlin at prestigious venues such as Berghain, Arena, Kantine and Shift among others in the last two years, in 2013 the duo were given the opportunity to tour with UK artist Jessie Ware and also add some festival experience to their band resumé playing Melt! and Berlin Festival. With enthusiasm building the band had features on various blogs and magazines like Intro, and Interview Magazine.

So where are we now? Songs like „All My Love“ and „Lay You Down“ have brought some much warranted attention and now Schwarz Dont Crack are beyond excited to release „Charade“, their first single with Kitsuné Records. The song, a poetic examination of a girl's hidden identity which she only reveals once the sun goes down, is cinematic, haunting with a masterful chorus and helps them lay claim to those three unforgotten TLC attributes: crazy, sexy, cool.

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