Shandy Mandies


Wednesday 7th March 2012

If you believe that music is humankind's universal gift to itself and that it has been passed on over thousands of years from generation to generation in all of its various mind expanding shapes and that it is holy and belongs to us all; if you believe that Elvis opened a door and that the Beatles held it wide open and that the Pistols kicked it down and spat and pissed all over it; if you believe that yesterday is as relevant as today and tomorrow and time and space and love and spirituality and wisdom and beauty all rolled together; if you believe this, then you have to believe in SHANDY MANDIES. 

Take a deep step down toward headspinning mindscapes and real fakes and heartaches where truth and fiction cause friction with each second of liberating oblivion.........Yes, and only the faithless phoney and loveless lonely will find themselves locked out with the sun blocked out and all of their time and space between clocked out......Cause then comes the cavalry, these four fellow Mandies unravelling chords against the laws of mainstreaming capitol radio schmadio and empty vee of unlistenable unquality.....A call for all with listening ears, for the users and abusers and refusers who wear the despair and the fear of a million years in every smile and tear .....So come come come to the unbeatable beat of the drums and the rumbling bumble bass and stinging lovelight bringing six string razors and the shout for FREEDOM from the chains and strains and stains and pains and soulless gains of everyweek.....Feel free to free yourself from your selfish self and your shelf in a world where nothing is free and nothing is sometimes all that we really need. 

The members of German four-piece Shandy Mandies come from Leipzig, New York, and the UK. Each of these spots has a foothold in the history of rock ‘n’ roll, even Leipzig, believe it or not. When the band formed, it was like Captain Planet or Voltron or something—an intercontinental blend of energized and danceable psych-rock. That bricolage effect makes the melodies in “Where Does She Go?” and the fuzzy bass line in “Sister Salvation” sound downright comforting. Lately, the Shandy Mandies have stepped out of the garage and into the German club scene. We caught the band at Berlin’s Bassy Cowboy Club, a venue where all the trimmings are strictly pre-1969.

The band takes their name from a “Shandy,” which is apparently beer mixed with lemonade, although we’ve never heard of that one. I guess in German it’s called a “Radier,” but the one German dude in the New York VICE offices had never heard of that either, so who knows. The band told me that a "Mandy" is slang for Mandrex, which is slang for Methaqualone, otherwise known as Ludes, a serious sedative.

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