Tuesday 8th January 2013

Simone Andersson Wingfors is the twentyone year old songwriter and musician behind Skatan. As a fourteen year old she started taking lessons in electrical guitar and shortly after she started a postrock/pop band along with three friends. That's when she found out she really loved singing and writing songs. At the age of sixteen, after two years of collaborating, the band broke up but she continued writing songs and eventually did some solo performances. Around 2009 she named the project Skatan (which is the Swedish word for magpie) and since then Skatan has consisted of different musicians.

With her music, Skatan invites you to a dreamy world full of mystery, horror, warmth & hope. It is personal and emotional with arrangements that vary between the powerful and the frail. The voice is in focus and it's sometimes beautiful and sometimes dangerous. She's been opening for among others Beach House (UK) och Efterklang (DK).

In August 2010 the debut album We are all children with different titles was released and last February the recording of the second album, Seven Trees, begun. One grey February day Simone and her band set up their instrument in a cold theater. They recorded all the instruments live during that day, freezing their toes off. But the next day they moved to a warm studio to record the vocals and do some dubs. Compared to the first album Seven Trees is more unbarked, intimate and solely with acoustic instruments.

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