So-so Echo


Wednesday 6th March 2013

So-so Echo is an electro pop trio made up by Jenny Rossander (vocals/keyboards) Thorben Seierø Jensen (guitar/keyboards/vocals) Sune Sølund (bass/drums/keyboards

In the heart of Los Angeles' creative communities Echo Park and Silver Lake, the group rented a house and began to write, produce and record for a project designed to score music for film/TV. However, the new music quickly turned on them and demanded a voice of its own. And thus so, in January 2012 'So-so Echo' was concieved.

Upon returning to their native country Denmark they finished recording the soon to be released debut album. It's an album that aspires to strike a chord very deep in the hearts of anyone into melancholic electro pop.

Everything has gone extremely fast for this new scandinavian act. Before even having a label or distribution deal for their upcoming debut album the first single Imaginary worlds has already  made it to radio stations in the US and Denmark So So echo will play their first shows in mid Marts. They have been chosen by fellow danes The Raveonettes to support them on their danish tour In May So So Echo are confirmed for the danish SPOT festival.

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