Friday 20th July 2012

Splashh is the brainchild of Toto Vivian and Sasha Carlson. Forming only a matter of months ago, in February 2012 to be exact, the duo bonded over their mutual music loves and began plotting their sun drenched musical assault on the UK. Growing up between the South Pacific and the UK, they left the beaches behind and came together to record in a small bedroom in Hackney, the result was a myriad of floating, fuzz-laden grunge pop tunes.

With things coming together so quickly the guys set about putting their band together, recruiting close friends Thomas Beal on bass and Jacob Moore on drums. The carefree attitude within their music recalls the summers of yesteryear, good friends, good times and an open road to discover it all.

With releases planned through the summer, plenty of gigs and a hungry music loving public waiting, the adventure is there for the taking.

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