Monday 12th November 2012

Sserpress, a young band, hailing from the East end of London, were formed in March 2011. The original songs started out as rough demos recorded in the home of singer and guitarist, Don Penny.

This unintentional project, became a real band once introduced to  drummer, David Flower, a mutual friend of the previous bassist.b Through an instant bond, the past Indie, lighter sound, soon developed to what it is now,  a stripped down three-piece. Heavy, melodic and simplistic.

Sserpress have gained a reputation for their notorious live show, through putting on their own nights and keeping a to a D.I.Y ethos by producing  hand screened T shirts and hand numbered CDR'S.

The three piece have gigged hard around the East London circuit supporting  such bands as Jeff The Brotherhood, Peace, Pins, Holy Mountain and Virals. 

The band continue to write and develop their sound and live show,  confidently believing that there is still a place for riff based rock music in a time of stale Pop and Chart music.

After honing a tight live performance, the trio now feel ready to break from their London home and continue to spread their raucous and infectious riff heavy rock sound.

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