Studio Paradise


Wednesday 3rd October 2012

It took some time before Studio Paradise were properly born as an band. From the early years in Corsica and Marseille to the full line-up being formed in Paris, and starting playing on most famous venues of the capital, the guys matured their sound and meticulously crafted infectiously catchy songs.

Their obsession with songwriting, producing and experimenting with both old pop recipes and modern sounds quickly made them ones to watch, and while putting the finishing touches to their self-produced debut release, the band bagged a tour and publishing deal in 2011, confirming a strong interest from professionals and medias alike.

With influences ranging from the Beatles, whose song "I Am The Walrus" they covered for a high-profile compilation project released in late 2011, to Pink Floyd, LCD Soundsystem, or Queen, whose exuberance and sense of melody and showmanship they admire, as well as Scissor Sisters or Franz Ferdinand, Studio Paradise's sound is defined by powerful melodies, catchy hooks and a strong stage presence.

The band released their debut EP "The Crazy Situation EP" in March 2012 and are now getting ready for their first tour in Autumn, before working on more new music and playing the Festival circuit in the Summer of 2013.

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