Summer Camp - "Better Off Without You"


Friday 23rd March 2012

Summer camp are Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey and they make, without a doubt, some of the best feel good tunes out there. With an ethos running consistent throughout their repertoire, it feels as if they have had help from some of Hollywood's leading cinematographers to create the beautiful imagery and film that matches their sound, but, they haven't. This is all their design, and shows a creative maturity that some will just never garner.

Awash with nostalgic references, they constantly look back to what appears to be 70's America. The hair, the flares, faded vests and Cadillacs are all highlighted in their latest video "Better Off Without You", a track so vastly happy it orders you to get up and run around the streets bare foot! We have never waffled on about catchy songs, but this will be a guaranteed song on everyone's Summer playlist. The slight funk bass backdrops a guitar riff that could have only come from Condale, a remote town in L.A. that is infiltrated by swinging teenagers, running amok through the old mansions of dead Hollywood stars. This is something the pair seem so deeply intrigued by, that it is the title of their latest album "Welcome To Condale". Elizabeth's voice is so heart wrenchingly honest, that you forget her age. This is something only Los Campesinos could pull off, telling true, unadulterated events and how it has shaped them. There is humour, warmth, and the slightest tinge of retribution. She is the winning front lady, beautiful and unvarnished. She has us hook, line and sinker. The really really good news is that, they will be playing all three dates at this year's Dot to Dot Nottingham, Bristol and Manchester sponsored by Fred Perry Subculture. This year is lined up to be the best yet, with The Drums, Pulled Apart By Horses and The Wonder Villains all confirmed to play. For tickets to Britain's largest inner city festival, simply click here. In the meantime, you can appreciate the pure amazement that is Summer Camp with this stunning video. Find Dot to Dot on Facebook at


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