Tesla Boy


Tuesday 5th March 2013

Tesla Boy is one of the most prominent Russian New Wave projects around, created in 2008 by charismatic frontman and sound producer Anton Sevidov.

The band is a product of the next generation Russian youth growing up in '80s and '90s Moscow, influenced by formerly inaccessable Western music against a backdrop of dramatic changes taking place in Russia, with the Cold War coming to a close and the Soviet Union was no more. A new acceptence of music, fashions and culture from all round the world embraced Western pop culture that had an overwhelming impact on the young musicians who hungrily sought out as much pop and synth music from abroad as they could. 

A love for '80s British and US music can be clearly heard in Tesla Boy's music right from the release of their debut LP, "Modern Thrills," in 2010 and debut single "Electric Lady." Their latest single 'Split' has been produced to a high level with deep catchy melodies and a disco undertone. Sedidov's talent for songwriting are complimented by the band's incredible live shows, which are always packed full of dedicated fans from around the globe. 

2012 has had the band working on a second album "The Universe Made of Darkness" which will be released in May 2013, after the highly anticipated single "1991" which is out now and available to buy here

Developing on their previous albums' 80’s inspired synth sounds, "1991" is very much a resurrection of early 90s' acid house drums and looped vocal samples, which evoke memories of those euphoric days of hedonism in abandoned air-fields the length and breadth of the UK. Its infectious groove & tangible soul paints a glittering X on the centre of the dancelfoor and is just a taster of what is to come from their hugely awaited second album "The Universe Made of Darkness".

Tesla Boy play New York The Studio at Webster Hall on 24th April


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