The Casuals

A Documentary by Cass Pennant

Monday 21st December 2015

“It's not just about what you were wearing, but also how you wore it. Not just your clothes but your hair and even the manner in which you walked. You had to have the right attitude, saying like... ‘Here I am’.”

From Barcelona to Berlin, Milan to Moscow, teenagers are copying fashions and a culture that developed on the streets and terraces of British cities. But how did the football 'casual' subculture come about? What did it stand for? What made casuals tick? 

'Casuals' is a football fashion and music documentary film, which will soon be on iTunes, Amazon, Sony, Google and XBOX. Download to own Dec 21st and VOD from Dec 28th.

This is an untold and compelling story, which you hear in depth for the very first time, using must-see interviews with the likes of Peter Hooton and Cass Pennant who were at the heart of events, and recently-unearthed archive footage from the late 70s and early 80s. 

This extraordinary and insightful film strips away the myths and tells the truth about the casual phenomenon that revived the men’s fashion industry and has left a lasting legacy on today’s label-crazy youth.

Youth culture movements have always had strong links to fashion and certain styles. The Casuals took their cues from a mixture of mod fashions and sportswear of the 1980s. While the football terraces were very much the providing grounds of the Casual style, the influence and impact of this often-ignored working-class culture can still be felt across the world today.

Urban Edge Films have finally lifted the lid on the Casual movement with this superb documentary look at the styles and the attitude that under-pinned the 80s Casual. From Adidas and Fila to Fred Perry, Stone Island, Lacoste and Burberry, this film shows how the need to be seen in the right clothing was vital to the 80s Casual.

Interviews with those who were there at the time give this film a unique standpoint to reveal the inception and growth of the influential fashion movement. As this film shows, the impact of the Casual movement is still being felt today as designer label clothing, outlets and styles have become part of everyday fashion, not just in the UK, but around the world.

An overdue, yet superbly researched and produced, documentary, 'Casuals' is a must-see film for followers of youth culture as well as those who remember the movement itself. 'Casuals' demonstrates how an underground movement changed the face of fashion around the globe by showing and proving on the streets of Britain, all without the push of a music-led media revolution.

Cass Pennant is the founder of Urban Edge Films, a producer and filmmaker who also made 'Beverley', which explores the skins subculture. More info here.

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