The Franklys


Friday 20th June 2014

On 7th April, Swedish/UK/US all girl quartet The Franklys will be releasing their debut single ‘Puppet’ b/w ‘Imaginarium’ on Electric Woods Records which is a twisted freakbeat flavoured 7” fiery rocket to the eardrums.

Mastered by Brian Lucey (Arctic Monkeys ‘AM’), the single is a freewheeling slab of garage-rock and 60s inspired Rhythm and Blues. ‘Puppet’ charges into view with an unforgiving swagger combining raucous hooks, spiraling guitar lines and a tight and taught rhythm section that nods towards the British Invasion bands of the early 60s. Entwined into this are moments that recall the infectious grit of Ramones, hints of The Flaming Sideburns and The Hellacopters rawk ‘n roll and the throttling beat of Babes in Toyland. Jennifer Ahlkvist's vocals yelp and scream with anger as she exclaims “you never wanted me, you kicked me to the ground and left me there to die” as the warm surf guitar riffs cruise in amongst handclaps, foot tappingly incessant drums and a deep, bubbling bass line; all this combines to make them a bristling modern day counterpart to any great Nuggets acts.

‘Imaginarium’ has darkly gothic undertones that lurch menacingly around your peripheries as the words, “part of me is longing to be dead” echo morbidly wrapped around the neo-psychedelic twists and as the friction builds; vocals career upwards whilst a storm of bass, drums and crying guitar riffs rage in the background.

Their debut UK show was to a sold out audience at the legendary 100 Club which has seen them follow up with tours of the US and Sweden following their debut EP release last year. Having worked on other projects; Nicole Pinto also wrote, directed and starred in her short horror film ‘Camp Crystal’ starring Adrein Grenier (Entourage) and Adam Green (Moldy Peaches); the film premiered in NYC in 2001 which then went on to win praise across various film festivals. She was also in successful US acts Crème Blush, Hot Sugar and co-wrote the hit ‘Come Play With Me’ with Armand Van Helden.


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