The Futureheads - Rant


Monday 12th March 2012

"I was walking was living my melody was a cappella" ...  Nearly a year ago, The Futureheads went on Radio 1 to record an a cappella version of, funnily enough, the track 'Acappella' by Kelis. The results were strangely hypnotic and somewhat applauded by critics and fans alike. A year later and 'Rant', a compilation of covers, including their own, all sung a cappella is revealed onto the world. Well, nearly, as this barbershop inspired album is out April 2nd.

Choosing to cover a number of their own records, such as previous album winners 'Meantime', 'Robot' and 'Manray' has breathed a new lease of life into this band. It is a complete re-vamp, a re-branding shall we say on the Sunderland chaps. However, this feels like the most natural step they could have taken on their quest for a new album. Re-calling even to their first LP, rich in compelling harmonies, a world apart from the various new wave bands that were infiltrating the airwaves at the time. They have always had a knack for composition involving intertwining verbalisation, so what better way to use this skill than conjure what can only be described as the most distictive album so far this year, if not, for the last few. This is an album brimming with personality and individuality. Very few bands could get away with an album such as this, (we doubt even Fleet Foxes could pull it off) or even get approval to begin with. This is what is so refreshing about Rant, the fact that it was aloud to be made. This is the start of what is hopefully the restoration of artist credibility, the trust from label to artist, allowing them to play from their hearts, not from their wallets. This sounds all very well and good, but the reason they could do this is the fact that they had to create their own label (Nul) to get the credibility they want. In turn, this could spark a trend, eventually making Record Labels owned by fat cat types only interested in a quick buck, void. Well, when a band can release an album of this eccentric quality through themselves, why choose any other way? Released through Nul records,


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