The Ghost Wolves - Man Woman Beast


Wednesday 30th July 2014

Husband and wife duo Carley and Jonathan Wolf named themselves The Ghost Wolves as a representation of the band’s ferocious, primal sound and a nod to Carley’s ranch upbringing among hybrid wolves.

Drawing parallels to Jack and Meg from the White Stripes, with their single string guitar playing over marching drums, The Ghost Wolves are inspired by delta blues, loud garage rock, and American roots music - a genre they call ‘stomp and roll.’ Their new LP ‘Man, Woman, Beast’ is out now on Plowboy Records.

The album was recorded in Austin’s Arlyn Studios and was mastered by Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, the Ramones, the Clash). Opening track 'Shotgun Pistol Grip is a fast paced garage groover, and ode to the 'devil' and 'rebel', which could be the soundtrack to a bank heist, playing as the getaway car leaves the scene. Next up, 'Gonna Live' is a blues-tinged sleaze garage anthem, dripping with that southern US sound, where the band originally come from; Austin, Texas. 'I'm Yo Mudda' is a wonderfull complex and well thoughtout song, with Carley's vocals and guitarplaying reminicent of Deap Vally

‘Man, Woman, Beast’ is the latest release on the Plowboy label, formed by punk legend Cheetah Chrome, professor/music historian Don Cusic and Eddy Arnold’s grandson Shannon Pollard.

Watch the new video for 'Baby Fang Thang' below, which features fierce(!) puppies, and Carley kitted out in traditional Native American dress.


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