The Gloomies

Sun-bleached California psych pop

Tuesday 3rd November 2015

A cross between Warpaint’s Joshua tree adventures running headfirst into Kevin Parker’s mind-trip.”

Belying their grim name, The Gloomies were formed in a sun-bleached surf town in southern California. Their debut single illustrates this strange paradox, mixing gritty realism and yearning optimism in equal measure. Returning to his hometown in 2014 after a stint in New York, lead singer Andy Craig lived out of a suitcase for much of the next year. The Gloomies’ single documents this period of transition, the dread of uncertainty ultimately giving way to the promise of the future.

After a couple of spins of ‘LSD,’ the word best used to describe it would be ‘languid’ – very languid in-fact. From it’s opening The Drums-esc intro, ‘LSD’ glides with effortless-ease. Packed with some tight dual-harmonies and one sultry riff – ‘LSD’ takes you on a journey as eye-opening has it’s chemical namesake.

‘LSD’ is out now through Thrill Me Records.

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