The Narcoleptic Dancers - "Never Sleep"


Thursday 8th September 2011

It was around this time last year that we first put up a post about this half brother and sister Franco-Dutch duo, and within the past ten months it seems the pair have been rather busy. Out on Monday is The Narcoleptic Dancers' new single 'Rastakraut' taken from the forthcoming debut album, 'Never Sleep' due for release 26th September via Bleepmachine and Capitaine Plouf.

Melody Van Kappers and Anton Louis Jr were born ten years apart in two different countries. They spent their childhood years living completely oblivious to each other's existence. It wasn't until their father fell ill that the family was reunited and these newly discovered siblings were able to build a relationship based on a shared passion; music.

Again And Again by The Narcoleptic Dancers

Expect sweet and melodic songs from the album that are gentle, fresh, optimistic and poetic in nature - in short, charming folk pop.


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