The New Spring


Wednesday 11th January 2012

In early 2011 Bastian Kallesøe made his debut in the solo project and one-man band The New Spring. Being a leadsinger and songer writer in the experimental rock band Shout Wellington Airforce, he had for some years written songs that didn’t fit into the concept of Shout Wellington Airforce, namely a bunch of poetic songs studying love.

”In the last couple of years I’ve wanted to write love songs with a starting point in, not the break up, but the beginning or the leap. In a way my project is a humble corrective to the love song as a genre. Only a few love songs make you think of what you need to let go to enter love. What I am trying to explore is the love you experience through a whole life, from the very first crush to the very last. My project is not about a certain love, but about being in love. The crush is the beginning of love and the duality of hope and despair it implicates”, says Bastian Kallesøe.

The self-titled album was written in 3-4 months and even though the sound of the record is minimalistic, the creation process was packed with people. During recordings the apartment in which most of the record was recorded, were populated with friends sleeping over, baking bread or singing along on the record. Isolation is not a condition for creation; productivity arises in the encounter with the other human being, just like love arises this way.

During 2011 Bastian Kallesøe played more than 45 concerts throughout Denmark and has been alone on stage every single time and captured many musical hearts.

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