The Orb - History Of The Future Part 2


Monday 2nd February 2015

Electronic music pioneers, The Orb, will release their second expansive box set, 'History Of The Future Part 2', on 16th February (2015).

It's common that artists who strive to describe the future are often remembered for their early breakthroughs rather than their later works. Everyone's heard of H.G.Wells' 'War Of The Worlds' (1898) and 'The Time Machine' (1895) but not so many are familiar with the brilliant foresight of 'The Shape Of Things To Come' (1933). The reason, perhaps, is that once the metaphorical porthole is opened, the future has a habit of flooding into the present faster than anyone expected.

A century after Wells, in the world of popular music, one such futurist is Alex Paterson and The Orb. Originally formed in 1988 by Patterson and Jimmy Cauty (KLF), The Orb started out DJing ambient and dub sets on London's Acid House scene. In the years to come, Paterson would be the only consistent member of the group with many notable musicians coming and going. Paterson's signature style of layered sampling gave birth to hugely popular tracks such as 'Little Fluffy Clouds' and musical talking points of the time, including the famous Top Of The Pops appearance where Paterson and Kris Weston sat at a table and played futuristic chess in white boiler suits, whilst their song 'Blue Room' played out behind them.

Much of this early popular period of The Orb was documented in the 2013 Box Set 'History Of The Future' and it seems only logical that The Orb now turn their attention to the more recent period of creativity charting the progression of their sound, unbound by the expectations of big labels and TOTP stage requirements. These recordings include the now famous Berlin Sessions with Lee 'Scratch' Perry (including LSP's own take on Little Fluffy Clouds - 'Golden Clouds').

Filling three CDs and a DVD, the set features rare tracks (some available on CD/download for the first time) and previously unseen footage. The collection serves as a comprehensive, second Chapter of Orb history bring us all up to date before their new album (planned for release on Kompakt during summer 2015).

The Orb - History Of The Future Part 2 - full track listing:

DISC 1: north side/fire
01 Suck My Kiss (4:27)
02 I Am The Red Worm (5:24)
03 The Truth Is... (6:46)
04 Aftermath (4:42)
05 Prime Evil (5:16)
06 Eurofen (4:45)
07 Let The Music Set You Free (7:04)
08 From A Distance [Blast Master vs The Corpral] (3:57)
09 D.D.D [Dirty Disco Dub] Unite 1 (Mad Orb) (4:58)
10 Vuja De (5:47)
11 Sail (6:01)
12 Codes (8:15)
13 Apple Tree [Abacus Remix] (8:50)
14 The Orbots Surround The Trojan Horse (0:59)

DISC 2: west side/earth
01 Gee Strings (6:44)
02 Cool Harbour (5:14)
03 Ripples (5:53)
04 Super Soakers (8:44)
05 Pebbles (1:10)
06 Captain Korma (4:15)
07 Baghdad Batteries (5:11)
08 Dolly Unit FLOWING Remix (8:53) previously only available on vinyl
09 Battersea Bunches Original Soundtrack (17:30)
10 OOPA (6:14)
11 Shem (4:28)
12 Shem Version (4:37)

DISC 3: south side/water
01 Chuck’s Peaks (9:25) previously only available on vinyl
02 Dilmun (4:01)
03 Tower Twenty Three [Spud vs. Kreature Mix] (6:36)
04 D.A.D.O.E.S. (9:09)
05 Angel 4 Matrix (3:38)
06 Falkenbrueck (3:34)
07 Edelgrun (5:56)
08 Glen Coe (4:56)
09 Traumvogel (6:27)
10 Golden Clouds OICHO Remix (4:42)
11 Soulman VILLOD Remix tf edit (6:30) previously unavailable
12 Ball Of Fire DABRYE Remix (4:15)
13 Fussball [DEADBEAT’s Champions League Dub] (8:02) previously only available on vinyl

DISC 4: east side/wind (DVD)
01 Golden Clouds Promo (4:00)
02 Brixton To Harrow Promo [David Harrow remix] (4:37)
03 Baghdad Batteries Launch Night (1:44) previously unseen
04 Fussball Promo (3:30)
05 Cool Harbour Promo (3:22)
06 From A Distance The Orb vs Gøg [Featuring The Elements] Promo (3:55)
07 Dolly Unit Promo (5:08)
08 Nocturnal Bunch Promo [Nocturnal Sunshine remix] (4:02)
09 Soulman Promo (4:10)
10 Jam On Your Honey [Moshino VJ Clips] (6:32) previously unseen
11 Sinner’s Day Live Gig, Hasselt, Belgium (29.53) previously unseen

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