The Pastels "Slow Summits" - 15 years in the making


Tuesday 4th June 2013

One of the bands featured on NME's landmark C86 cassette in 1986, The Pastels will to many epitomise the true idea of the indie band. Forming in Glasgow in the early 1980s, they released two albums towards the end of the decade, returning in the mid 90s to make two more - the latter two releases riding the more wistful side of the indie revival that became prevalent at that time - around the time that people stopped referring to the UK's indie orientated pop music output as Britpop.

Their 1997 album, "Illumination" was critically acclaimed with many looking forward to its follow up, but despite several side projects including film soundtracks and collaborations with artists including Jarvis Cocker, fans were in for a lengthy wait.

"Slow Summits" was released at last, on May 27th (via Domino Records who also released their two previous albums) - and you can watch the first single from the album, the wonderfully heartfelt, 90s tinged "Check My Heart" below:

With track titles including, "Kicking Leaves" and "Summer Rain", the album is, as you might expect, an autumnal affair recalling the reflectiveness of "Illumination", with the warmth of a rediscovered envelope of pre-digital photos, found in a drawer amongst old mixtapes (actual cassette mixtapes). Sample the album yourself via the ciné teaser trailer below:

You can buy The Pastels' supremely crafted "Slow Summits" from Domino at:

"Slow Summits" full track listing:
1 Secret Music
2 Night Time Made Us      
3 Check My Heart      
4 Summer Rain
5 After Image      
6 Kicking Leaves      
7 Wrong Light      
8 Slow Summits      
9 Come to the Dance

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